VAMPIRE DIARIES Author L. J. Smith Fired

Over the past few days, rumors have been flying that author L. J. Smith has been fired from writing the Vampire Diaries series. Now, Smith has seemingly confirmed those rumors in a blog post that mentions she’s going through “a difficult time.” Later in the post Smith says she “wanted and still want more than anything to be able to continue The Vampire Diaries series myself.”

So how can an author be fired from writing her own books? The way I understand it is that Smith signed a contract with Alloy Entertainment back in 1990 and they, therefore, own the rights to the Vampire Diaries books. Allegedly, Alloy and HarperTeen were not happy with the direction Smith was taking the series (SPOILER ALERT: she wanted to focus on Damon and Elena while the publishers were more interested in a Stefan and Elena pairing) and she was fired from writing future books.

The Vampire Diaries: The Return: Midnight is due out on March 15, 2011. According to Smith, all the writing in Midnight is her own. The next book in the series, Phantom, will be a mix of her writing and that of a ghostwriter.

So, Vampire Diaries fans, are you saddened by this news? Will you continue to read the books even if they aren’t written by L. J. Smith?

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  • Smilelovelive15

    Well that’s a bit stupid. Delena’s relationship is wwwaaay better than Selena’s primarily because Selena is getting a bit old.

    • Guest

      yeah, it’s stupid

  • <3 Damon

    i thought in da books it shud have been a stefan-elena relationship b’cuz it was mre intrestin :)

  • vd fan

    i want a damon elena relationship. stefan is such a wet blanket!!!

    • jezebel

      no stefan is a DRY blanket ( im all for damon and elena)

  • Isabella

    I want to say no I won’t continue after Midnight, but she made a really good series already, so I’ll give this ghost writer a shot. If it sucks then I’ll stop. Bring back LJ Smith!

  • Chicocheech70

    No, I won’t read them if the focus is on a Stefan Elena pairing. I only read the books because of the Delena dynamic. And I’m not the only one so they may have just S**t in their easter basket. Because I definitely will not buy them now.

    • Amritkaler1998

      That’s so true. That’s the only good part. Stefans really old. He should have died instead of Damon.

  • Jayla

    I sent an email to the publishers just to voice my disappointment, not only over firing LJ but because their focus will be Stelena. Maybe if Delena lovers voice their opinion it Might change things?? IT’s worth a try. I think since LJ started the books she should be able to finish them the way she sees fit. JMO

    • Cindy R

      How did you contact the publishers? I want to voice my opinion too.
      L.J. Smith!!!!

    • Ruzj

      I did the same thing. I wrote them an arguementive essay of why LJ Smith shouldn’t be fired and why Damon is the better choice. People should email them about this! I think it will help!

      • Nicw82

        Yeah and us stelena fans are writing and thanking them for giving us a stelena endgame. Which honestly is what it always should have been. In the original last book dark reunion it was a stelena endgame but the publishers asked LJ to come back and write more. So no it’s only fair it ends with the couple who was endgame in the first place: stelena

  • queenbee6

    This is crazy! As long as people are still buying the books then why does the publisher give a crap! I love these books. L.J. Smith should be allowed to keep writing these. I’m not really sure if I will keep reading after Midnight. I love me some Damon, so if he gets a lesser role I may not read anymore.

  • Evie

    You know what? As much as l love LJ Smith and the entire Vampire Diaries world that she’s created, I don’t buy for a second that the publishers fired her because she tried to focus more on Damon/Elena. The only thing those people care about is money and Delena is, by far, the largest fan base–and therefore it would make the most money. I’m still signing all of the petitions to get her back and voicing my very loud Delena voice… but something just seems… off to me.

  • Animallover308

    This is ridiculous and just plain wrong! How can they fire the person who created this amazing book series and was the one that made it so popular to begin with? So what if she was going in a direction they didn’t like? I know I ton of people who love Delena! I think they really screwed themselves over with this one. I know after Midnight I probably won’t read continue reading the series.

  • Twice__read

    I will not read these books if they change the author because the writing style will be different and it is the style I fell in love with. Also, as Smith is the true author I would only be able to accept what she wants the ending to be like! the series will die without her…. why can they not just make an entirely new series like make a spin off of tvd and let smith finish HER novels?

  • HB

    To be honest I like Damon and Elena best, but I would not mind if it was Stefan and Elena together in the end if that was L.J.Smith’s choice. The fact they are not allowing her to finish the books her way it atrocious. I’ve been a fan of the books for over 7 years now and L.J.Smith has made them amazing. I won’t be reading the rest of the books if they are no written by her, not because I prefer Damon and Elena together but because these are L.J.Smith’s characters and they should be written the way she wants them to be not the way someone else wants them to be. I respect her for not giving in to what the publishers wanted. So it looks like Midnight will be the last book by L.J.Smith I will read.

  • Jrobbins1

    I have to kind of agree with the publisher as far as the direction of the books goes. I have read all the Vampire Diaries books and they started off fantasitc but seem to have gone down hill. I read The Return: Shadow Souls and had a really hard time finishing it. I almost stopped reading it several times and just decided I needed to get through it. Books are not suppose to be that way, you should feel like you can’t put it down and not want to put it down but feel obligated to finish because you used to like the series. I’ll probably read whatever books come out in the series: 1. to see how it changes and 2. to finish the series because thats what I do, I don’t pick up a series unless I intend to read it all. And I love Damon both in the books and on the show he is my favorite character. Honestly, the TV show is 100 times better than the books are.

    • Sexxipuertorican92

      Please I could stop readinbg that book i LOVED it!

      • Sexxipuertorican92


    • x-rachel-ann-x

      Yep totally agree 100%

    • Songs

      I understand how you feel but every author gets to a point where they are tired of the same characters/story. She wrote them as long as she did because of the $ probably but then got enough. Maybe the TV show had more of an interest for her? TV producers only see $ and that’s whatever is selling the best. Evidently by the ratings it was the currant coupling. You TV watchers picked this without knowing it. Steph Meyers (yes, I know. She got parts of her original story from Smith but at the time she did that she was only writing it was for herself. She never thought it would sell. When it did it was wrong not to give some of the profits to Smith. I’m not sure if that didn’t happen. Didn’t Smith let it go?) knew when to quit? And I was tired of it all. The books not so much but the movies definitely! They couldn’t have done it anyway. “Carlisle” was in his late 30’s. lol Both these authors went on to interesting projects and I’d bet the people who wrote here aren’t interested any more anyway. Is this program still on? Seems like it’s eight years should be up.

  • Mikku

    Not reading the books if they’re written by a ghost writer. This is TOTAL bull, and plus, I already know what happens. How lame is that? Thanks a heap, Harper. I hope you all kill yourselves.

  • Sexxipuertorican92

    I thought Elena and Damon’s story was way better then her and Stefan. You can tell that Elena and Damon have a GREAT connection, its just wrong to not let LJ Smith finish what ahe started. I do agree that if she does not finish the series hiw she wanted it to be finished I wont bother reading any other of the Vampire Diaries books after her last one. The vampire diaries seires have become my most favorite story of all time and now….its goin to be a big dissapointment with out LJ Smith =(

  • Youll_never_guess

    I’ve been reading Ms Smiths books for 20 years now, and I’m not about to see her work soiled by a phony writer! I’ll buy VD3, but the 4th book I’ll probably skip. I definetly won’t pay for it. Might pick it up in the library in the summer time.

  • Jenna

    I’ve always been a Matt fan anyway! Damon is a jerk, Stefan is depressing, but the books were entertaining, as were her other sieries. If she’s not writing them, then I don’t see much hope for TVD anymore. I think I’ll skip it.
    (And I like that she throws in surprize twists, like Elena winding up with Damon. I’d like to see what she would have done with stefan and bonnie, etc…Stefan and Matt?…

    • Anonymous

      BTW youll_never_guess is my sister. The first youll never guess comment on this page is hers. This one is mine. I don’t know why the site keeps putting my comments under her name.

  • Alysha Tomb

    Ok ummm WTH???? I’ll fucking flip a lid if elena and damon don’t end up together….seriously stefan is a pain in my ass!!!! if you shit dicks cant see how much people want damon and elena together then you must be high of your asses…..and firing the FUCKING AUTHOR OF THE BOOKS IS RIDIC!!!!! this doesnt even make any sense……

  • Kate♥

    Well, I’m not sure about any of you, but I have read Midnight; it’s out in some stores in Australia (I know, I was shocked when I saw it!). And after the way it ended, I am REALLY disappointed that L.J. Smith doesn’t get to continue this series.
    I will probably give the new books a try, but I just don’t think the new author will be able to capture the essence of the characters quite right. Fully understanding the characters is something only the person who created them can do.

  • Rocio Rodriguez

    omg!!! im so upset!! what if this new author is no good! im very unhappy with this decision!!! n whats wrong wit DELENA!! i LOVE DELENA!!..well i cant wait till march 15 to get midnight!! n i will read phantom n i hope its good!! if not then i guess itll all go down hill from there!…BUT I REALLY WANT L.J. SMITH TO COME BACK!!! there has to be a way to get her back!! im really sry L.J. Smith =C

  • hi

    I would still read the series out of curiosity, but I dobt I would really enjoy it. Hello its a love triangle? And Delena is WAY better than Stelena!

    • Anonymous

      At least do the rest of us a favor, and don’t pay for it? Get it from the library, or the internet, or from a friend, so Alloy and Harper have to hire LJ Smith back from lost proffits. Please?

      • Anonymous

        BTW youll_never_guess is my sister. I don’t know why the site keeps putting my comments under her name.

        • Sandie

          youll_never_guess – This could be because you are both using the same email to comment or maybe because you didn’t change the name before posting the comment.

  • x-rachel-ann-x

    Ive got to be honest im kind of relieved that LJ Smith wont be completing the Vampire Diaries series. The first four books were totally amazing and are some of my favourite books. However the latest two books i felt that Smith lost that connection with the characters and was trying to recapture the whole Elena – Steffan – Damon triangle from the first four books and not developing the story any further. The books should have mostly gone past that now and it would have made more sense for Damon to find his own love (with Bonnie). The characters just didnt feel right to me it felt like they were ammatures of the characters from the original four books. Also the way the books were written, it just didnt follow very well and i found myself re – reading sentences over just to understand it because it was kind of difficult to read and not because it was complex vocabulary used. I hate to say it but i totaly agree with Alloy Entertainment that Smith just wasnt taking the books in the right direction.

    I just want to add, i dont want it to seem that im hating on Smith becuase i think shes a brilliant author and the first four Vampire Diaries and Dark Visions (also written by smith) are on my list of all time favourite books. I just think she got it wrong with the continuation of Vampire Diaries.

    • amy-s

      completely agree

  • Lucero

    No! I wanted a Delena ending. This is HER story, HER world and she has the right to end it any way she wants! They have no right to take that away from her. Why are they doing this to us? No a better question would be, why are they doing this to her? She’s a great author.

  • Lucero

    Hasn’t anyone stopped to think that maybe it would be good for there to be a book where the girl doesn’t end up with the guy she is supposebly deeply in love with. Wouldn’t it be intersting to read a book that gave a big twist? That had an ending that no one expected. I just want everyone to know that I am writing a book like that. I know that it will probably never get published, but I think that my character’s story needs to be told, one way or another. Every night I stay awake and it’s like I can hear their voices telling me what to write, telling me their thoughts and emotions as well. I have already finished chapter 1 and there is only one other person that has read it besides me. No one knows what the future may hold, maybe some day my book will get published and it will be available for everyone to enjoy.:)

  • TNSP

    ABSOLUTELY NOT! I can’t BELIEVE this! One writer wants to write something other than the typical boy meets girl, their love conquers all story (to make things INTERESTING FOR A CHANGE) and their going to ruin that and make the story JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER?!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? DO THEY WANT TO LOSE BUSINESS????!!!!… Bad move. They’ll regret it.

  • Nikki

    I love all of l.j.’s books and was appalled when I read about her being fired. There is no way she was fired just for focusing on delena. The books will never make it without lj writing them. I for one like Elena and Stefan together but I love the romance between Damon and Elena. I hope alloy entertainment realizes they made the biggest mistake and fix it.

  • vd and l.j.smith fan

    I heard these news about 1 month ago or someting like that and I still can’t believe it’s true. I mean, why will the publishers give a damn about the pairing in the books, they only interested on the money and it’s obvious that 80% of TVD’s fans are also Delena fans so I think it would made more sense if they would ask L.J.Smith to end the books with Delena because they know the books will sell. Deep down I want to believe that these news are just marketing to gain more fans or something like that but I don’t think that’s the case here.
    If L.J. was really fired then the guys from Alloy and Harperteen are just incredibly stupid and naive. It’s so unfair to fire the author who created these stories and characters that we’re all atached to.
    I just started reading Midnight and it’s awesome as usual but it’s probably the last VD book that I read because I’m not in the mood to give these ignorants from Alloy and Harperteen a chance with their ghostwritter and with their Stelena endgame shit.

  • K S Nelson27

    its what she wants and for there to be two authors would mess things way up……for your question about if i would read it or not…….i think i would because i really want to see damon alive and not gone, but i’m pretty sure the book would get confusing because l. j, smith has such an unique style of writing i don’t think anyone could match…….even if the tried

  • Mamagrazi

    i refuse to buy others books if L.J.Smith is not original writer

  • Ocelucas

    I never knew a writer could get fired, that’s so stupid! I love her story and have always wanted Elena to end up with Damon, I believe most fans do! Anyway Stefan’s like Edward and the main girl always ends up with the protective boyfriend…We need a change, she needs to end up with the bad guy!

  • JesaLynn

    I think the whole thing is unfair and really greedy of the publishers to do that to one of their best selling authors. L.J. Smith herself posted this on her guestbook: 

    “I fought tooth and nail to write those books–I fought
    until my agent wouldn’t support me, when she said I would be sued and she
    wouldn’t fight with me anymore, and I WROTE Phantom. But instead of edits what
    I got back was a letter to Clare the ghostwriter telling her to completely
    change my book. I HAD NO CHOICE IN THE MATTER. I was deceived by Alloy and got
    no support from Harper.”


     She asked us to help spread the word about what really happened.

  • Priscilla

    I LOVED Delena’s relationship. I love how he will do anything to save her. As for L.J. Smith’s being fired, I think its sheer stupidity. She is great, but I really hate how she describes Stelena’s relationship. He calls her love every 3 seconds, and its getting old. Especially at the awkward parts where Elena is just like “Just hold me.” Awkward much?

  • sunray

     Elena and Damon should togheter! Stefan is so boring. Is a fact that everybody likes Delena, if they won’t be togheter fans will be dissapointed. Delena forever!!!

    • Nicw82

      Not everyone likes stelena speak for yourself. And the majority doesn’t always have to win. That’s stupid

  • sunray

     Elena and Damon should togheter! Stefan is so boring. Is a fact that everybody likes Delena, if they won’t be togheter fans will be dissapointed. Delena forever!!!

  • Katy Berwick

    totally want damon and elena to get together, just for the tv show, (ian somerhalder ooft) so pretty depressed by this news, unless the tv show takes another path :) x

  • UserClone

    Are you people fucking insane?? An author was FIRED from being able to write books for a series she started! That’s completely fucked! That would be like building a house with your bare hands and then having the neighbor (whose property value went up because your property makes the neighborhood a nicer place to live) tell you that he doesn’t like the direction you’re taking your flower garden out front, so he’s afraid you’ll have to leave and there’s nothing for it. Compared to that, how can you give a shit whether Edward or Jacob fucks Bella (or whatever)?

    • UserClone

      Not that my comment isn’t a year too late, but whatever. *shrug*

  • anna

    No way am i going to read the books if they are not by L.J. Smith!

  • Leonzitman

    i don’t care with who elena ends i just want to know HOW it ends and with what they must deal this time. i really like the books but at a certain point you must stop writing and i think that this should be the last trilogy and that they should decide with who she ends happily and not that elena still doesn’t know with who after this trilogy (if it’s already decided with who she ends up then sorry but in the Netherlands we need to wait for the last midnight book untill may -that’s almost yay!)

  • leon

    i don’t care with who elena ends i just want to know HOW it ends and with what they must deal this time. i really like the books but at a certain point you must stop writing and i think that this should be the last trilogy and that they should decide with who she ends happily and not that elena still doesn’t know with who after this trilogy (if it’s already decided with who she ends up then sorry but in the Netherlands we need to wait for the last midnight book untill may -that’s almost yay!)