Sookie Stackhouse Series Ending With Book 13?

Author Charlaine Harris says in a new interview that the thirteenth book in the Sookie Stackhouse series will probably be its last. She’s already finished book 11, Dead Reckoning, which will be released in May. The next two books after that will likely end the series. She tells the LA Times:

“Truthfully, the next two books will probably be the last two books in the series,” Harris said last week. “I still love Sookie, but I’m beginning to want to write something else, and Sookie’s kind of taken over my life. I was able to write other things for the first few years I was involved in Sookie, but then after the start of the television show she took over so much of my time because of my increased publicity obligations that it’s been very hard to write other things, and I really need to do that.”

This probably won’t come as huge surprise to fans since she has made similar statements before, but it confirms that she’s still planning on wrapping things up. Personally, I’m still enjoying the series, but I can understand her desire to conclude Sookie’s story and move on to something else.

The real question is whom will Sookie end up with? I’ve noticed in Harris’ other series (Lily Bard, Aurora Teagarden, Harper Connelly) that she usually writes a marriage and/or pregnancy into the last book. So will the series end with Sookie getting married? Or will she decide she’s better off alone? Let me know what you want to see in the final Sookie book in the comments!

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