Daryl Hannah to Star in SNUFF Adaptation

Snuff Daryl Hannah

There are books that sound tailor-made for a great film adaptation-think The Godfather or The Hunger Games. Then there are books that seem more like they would be a complete and utter disaster. To me, SNUFF by Chuck Palahniuk falls much more on the disaster side. If you haven’t read it, Snuff follows Cassie Wright, a porn star at the end of her career who wants her final film to be a record-breaking one where she has sex with 600 different men. The story unfolds via the perspectives of three of the waiting men, Mr. 72, Mr. 137, and Mr. 600 and Cassie’s assistant Sheila, who is in charge of wrangling the guys.

Doesn’t that sound like it would be tough to adapt for the big screen? We’re going to find out just how difficult since Slashfilm reports an adaptation is in production with director Fabian Martorell co-writing the script with Karina Wilson. Daryl Hannah has been cast as Cassie and Thora Birch will be Sheila. Tom Sizemore is also on board as Mr. 600.

About the film, Martorell told chuckpalahniuk.net,

Snuff is a suspense/thriller set in the gritty world of adult entertainment. Fabien Martorell would like to shoot Snuff as a single “closed door” set. The use of flashbacks will aide in the communication of character history, and help sustain a dramatic rhythm.”

Snuff would be only the third Palahniuk novel to successfully make the jump to theaters, after Fight Club and Choke.

Is this a movie you would want to see? What do you think of the casting?

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