A HARD DAY’S KNIGHT By Simon R. Green [Review]

A Hard Day's Knight

Simon R. Green’s Nightside Private Investigator, John Taylor, returns for his 12th outing in A HARD DAY’S KNIGHT. Life is never easy in Nightside, that part of London where the things of nightmare always lurk, but when destiny is literally dropped off at your door? Life can get a little more… Interesting. And that’s just what’s happened to Taylor, he’s come home to discover destiny, in the form of Excalibur, sitting on his kitchen table.

Yes, the Excalibur. King Arthur’s sword, magical and mystical. And that’s just the beginning of Taylor’s headaches. The Authority in Nightside is gone, killed by Taylor. He is struggling to get things under control with the help of Suzie, his lover and efficient “bring them back dead or alive” bounty hunter, but order is hard to come by in Nightside. Then there’s the trip to London Proper, and the hassles of King Arthur and Merlin and from there his Day’s get worse.

A Hard Day’s Knight is a good book for a variety of reasons. First of all, I love Taylor. His “voice” rings true throughout the story and his initial reaction at having Destiny with a capital D dropped on him is just one of the best moments in fantasy in a long time. Second, I adore Shotgun Suzie, Taylor’s girlfriend, the Valkyrie bounty hunter who brings them back dead because there is less paperwork that way. And third, perhaps most importantly, Green is a good storyteller, and this book has a fresh voice to it, even though it is 12 books into a series. He has created a world that has a real solid feel to it, a world where you feel that if you turned the corner you could run into these people and these places.

That is one of the really remarkable things about A Hard Day’s Knight, even though it is deep into the series, a new reader could start here and not be lost. I can almost guarantee that if you read this book, you will go back and read the whole series, then weep when you get to the end because you’re at the point of having to wait for the next book. Fans of the series will find this one of the strongest entries in the series. I was enthralled and read the book in one sitting, foregoing everything save one brief break for a cup of coffee so I was alert enough to devour every morsel of this amazing treat.

If you love urban fantasy, or even more traditional fantasy, A Hard Day’s Knight is a perfect way to spend the day wrapped up in a fabulous book.

Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars | Publisher: Ace Hardcover | Pages: 304 | Source: Publisher | Buy on Amazon

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