Daniel Domscheit-Berg Publishes WikiLeaks Tell-All Book

Daniel Domscheit-Berg

Well it looks like WikiLeaks is about to be outleaked, according to a report at The Huffington Post.

Former spokesman for the unfamous secret spilling website, Daniel Domscheit-Berg, has published a book that has been described as a tell-all book about its inner workings.

The scientist, who left the group after a famous falling out with founder Julian Assange, was WikiLeaks’ best-known face after Assange himself. The book, titled Inside Wikileaks: My Time with Julian Assange at The World’s Most Dangerous Website has promised to “tell the full story” and reveal never-disclosed details about the group’s operations. The book also promises to to explore the evolution of the group, as well as give details about its finances and controversies. There also promises to be plenty about the antagonism between Domscheit-Berg and Assange.

Domscheit-Berg said:

“[I want] to show both the good and the bad sides of WikiLeaks, also when it comes to my relationship with Assange – and I tried to do this in a balanced way.”

The book will be released in Germany, Australia, South Korea, Britain and 12 other European countries first and then in the United States. After that, other countries including Japan, Brazil, and Russia plan publications soon.

Often seen in black clothes and sporting a dark beard, Domscheit-Berg has come across as serious and thoughtful in public appearances. This is in sharp contrast to Assange, who has often been described as mercurial and hyper-kinetic.

Domscheit-Berg, 32, is also known for lauching a rival website called OpenLeaks, saying he planned to give whistleblowers more control over the secrets they spill.

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