I just stumbled upon the book trailer for what has to be the most unexpected entry in the monster mashup genre yet—Pat the Zombie. Yep, it combines that classic children’s book Pat the Bunny with zombies. So instead of petting a cute, furry bunny or Daddy’s whiskers, the reader can touch a “decaying jaw” or “Mummy’s empty eye socket.” Gross! Pat the Zombie: A Cruel (Adult) Spoof will be in bookstores on April 26, 2011. Check out the book trailer below.

Synopsis of Pat the Zombie: A Cruel (Adult) Spoof:

A macabre mash-up of the children’s classic Pat the Bunny and the present-day zombie phenomenon, with the tactile features of the original book revoltingly re-imagined for an adult audience.

In the hemorrhagic vein of other zombie parodies, Pat the Zombie presents trusting toddler Judy playing peek-a-boo with a putrefying Paul. Grownup fans of Pat the Bunny (seven million of them) will find their favorite touch-and-feel features disturbingly re-created: Judy reaches for Zombie’s decaying jaw instead of daddy’s cheek; Paul caresses Mummy’s empty eye socket instead of her wedding ring. Ximm’s twisted wit, Soofi’s sick artistic sensibility, and clever packaging that mimics the original book will bring the undead lurchingly to life in this camp popculture romp.

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