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In addition to debuting its new e-book bestsellers list, The New York Times debuted a new list that combines all print and e-book sales figures in its February 13 Sunday edition. The report of the new lists comes from Publishers Weekly.

The new and improves combined list reportedly borrows the idea used by USA Today and will identify the hottest selling adult book of a particular week across all formats. It’s interesting to note that the addition of e-books didn’t alter the top-selling fiction and nonfiction titles in the first week. Tick Tock landed at #1 in fiction in the print and combined lists, with Unbroken occupying the top spot in nonfiction on the combined and print lists.

By merging all print formats along with e-books, the list sports a new look and looks like it will emerge as the most important of the various New York Times’s rankings. The combined sales from trade and mass market paperback editions of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and The Girl Who Played with Fire, along with e-book sales, pushed those titles to the top of the combined charts in fiction.

Print sales do seem to carry more weight than e-books at this point to putting a title high on the combined list. For instance, Marrying Daisy Bellamy debuted at #1 on the mass market list and was #8 on the combined list despite an 18th- place showing on the e-book list. Print sales and its importance can also be clearly seen on the nonfiction lists, where Inside of a Dog, #2 did not appear on the e-book list (and was about 1,100th in the Kindle store last week), but came in at #9 on the combined nonfiction list.

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