Google Launches One Pass Payment Service

Google One Pass

Google announced that that it has launched a service to make it easy for publishers to sell digital versions of newspapers and magazines. Conveniently this comes just a day after Apple rolled out a subscription platform for digital media sold through its iTunes app store, according to Yahoo! News.

Both companies are in a constant battle to dominate smartphones and tablet computers so this sort of one upmanship is pretty much par for the course. The new service from Google, dubbed One Pass, allows publishers to sell content that consumers can view on websites as well as in specialized apps designed for smartphones and tablets.

It’s all part of their plan to woo publishers, offering them the ability to charge for content in a variety of ways, including subscriptions, metered access and sales of single articles. They are also letting publishers keep about 90 percent of subscription revenue gained through One Pass, as well as passing along some customer data.

Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt said at an event in Berlin:

“Our intention is to make no money on it. We want the publishers to make all the money.”

All in all, it’s not a bad plan considering the fact that newspaper and magazine publishers are always looking for more ways to reap revenue from online and digital editions – all in the hopes of reviving declining readership and advertising revenue.

Earlier this week, Apple also introduced their long-awaited subscription plan for magazines, newspapers, videos, music and books that provides digital content in specialized apps for iPad and iPhone users. But theirs allows Apple to keep 30 percent of customer payments to any publisher, as well as lets consumers decide how much personal data to supply publishers.

Sounds to me like Google has the publisher in mind but Apple has the consumer. I guess time will tell who’s idea version comes out on top.

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