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THE WALKING DEAD, FABLES Video Games in the Works

Zombies, Snow White, and the Big Bad Wolf will soon be featured in new video games from Telltale Games. The digital publisher made two major announcements today involving comic book series: they have partnered with Robert Kirkman to produce video games based on The Walking Dead [2] and with DC Entertainment to create games based on writer and creator Bill Willingham’s award-winning comic book series Fables [3].

The Walking Dead comic series, which is about a zombie apocalypse, is an Eisner award winner, a New York Times bestseller, and was recently adapted into a TV show on AMC. The multi-year, multi-title agreement for The Walking Dead covers PC, Mac, console, handheld, mobile and social gaming media.

Fables, published under DC Comics’ Vertigo imprint, is also New York Times bestseller and Eisner award winner. It imagines fairy tale characters like Snow White, Rose Red, and the Big Bad Wolf living in a New York City neighborhood known as Fabletown, having been exiled from their homeland. Further details about the Fables game haven’t yet been released, only that it will probably be episodic.

What do you think of this news? Will the games live up to their source material?

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