Graphic Novels and Comic Books Come to Android Thanks to Site Comics

Website (known for comic books and graphic novels) has finally launched its very own Android app, according to

Before this, Android users have had to watch enviously from the sidelines as the company first released apps for web, desktop, iPhone and iPad. Now they finally get their turn as the company’s vast library of 2,000 comics becomes available to the 22 million Android users around the world, as well.

In a release, CEO Micah Baldwin said:

“Like our community, we are firm believers in the explosion of the Android market. Being the first to provide Marvel Comics on the Android platform is a perfect example of that belief. This application is only the beginning of the expansion of our relationship with Google.”

The new Android application features a full store front and if you’ve already bought comics via the iOS, web or other apps, you can now sync your library with your Android device.

The app also supports “ View,” which means that on a smaller screen, users can read comics frame by frame rather than page by page. They can also download comics for later, unconnected reading.

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