Steve Carell Takes on Serious Role in DOGS OF BABEL

Steve Carell

Looks like funny guy Steve Carell might be ready to take another turn at a serious role. The Hollywood Reporter reports that the actor has attached himself to star in DOGS OF BABEL, a drama adaptation for Mandate Pictures.

Carell will also reportedly produce the project, along with David Heymanof Heyday Films, Corey May andDooma Wendschuh of Sekretagent Productions.

The novel (written by Carolyn Parkhurst) is described as a tragic story of love and loss. The story centers on a linguistics professor (Carell), who returns home one day to find his wife dead in their backyard. The police immediately rule her death as accidental, but the professor is not quite sure. The only witness to the death is the couple’s dog, so the grief-stricken man tries to teach it to talk in the hopes that he can uncover what really happened.

No word yet on who is set to direct the film, though Mandate is reportedly trying to fill those shoes ASAP.

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