Nancy Drew Interactive Books Come to iPhone and iPad Users

Her Interactive Nancy Drew

Listen up, Nancy Drew fans. I’ve got some great news for you. According to Yahoo! News your favorite girl detective is now making her way onto iPhones and iPads.

Her Interactive, a game developer for the Mac and iOS platforms that is geared towards young women and teenage girls, launched a new series centered on the Nancy Drew mysteries.

Both versions are available now on the App Store, with the iPhone version is selling for $3 and the iPad version is selling for $10.

The website has released 24 of the point-and-click adventures starring Nancy Drew. But their latest, Shadow Ranch, marks something entirely new for the developer. This newest Nancy Drew series (geared towards the 9 to 14 age range), featured stories that are more like “interactive books,” explained Her Interactive President and CEO, Megan Gaiser. Reportedly the new “gamebooks” combine interactive text with hidden object segments, treasure hunts, and mystery solving.

The stories will still allow you to pick your own narrative, but Shadow Ranch will also offers gameplay elements. For instance players will have to do things like find clues, solve puzzles, and complete over a dozen hidden-object games within the app.

As an example – in one puzzle segment, a user’s ability to navigate a maze is put to the test. When Nancy must find her way out of some abandoned cliff dwellings, the user must create a path for Nancy to follow in order to exit correctly.

More than just being fun, this new series also serves an educational purpose, offering definitions and explanations for certain highlighted words as the reader follows the story. In addition to the hidden object segments, Shadow Ranch also offers word jumbles that help move the plot along. For example, to win a horserace, the user must unscramble a number of words before time runs out. If successful, the user gets one result in the text, but if they fail, the story goes off in a different direction.

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