Forest Moon Rising

FOREST MOON RISING: A TESS NONCOIRE ADVENTURE by P. R. Frost is an Urban Fantasy set in the Pacific Northwest, or as the protagonist Tess notes at one point early on in what I think is supposed to be a witty moment, the North Wet. The book follows Tess, Celestial Blade Warrior as she fights evil aided by her trusty imp Scrap.

In Forest Moon Rising, Tess faces Norglein, a nasty demon who enjoys ravishing and impregnating unsuspecting human women. If that were all she had to face, Tess would handle it with ease, but of course Tess has a busy life as well, she’s a writer, has love issues and well, things are really never easy when you have to lead a real life and the life of a warrior against evil.

The writing in Forest Moon Rising is a little uneven. Once or twice there was a point of view jump that had me confused for half a page until I figured out whose head I was in. That’s a little disconcerting at the best of times and downright annoying at the worst. There was also an odd “not real” feeling to the magic and supernatural elements in the book. That sounds crazy, I know, but one of the things about writing fantasy, whether it is traditional epic fantasy or urban fantasy, is the fact that the magic and the magical inhabitants of the world have to feel real and have substance or the book itself has no point. If at any moment the reader questions the validity of the world the writer has created, then there can be trouble.

Forest Moon Rising never pulled me into a solid world, a place where I believed in Tess and her universe. It never had that sense of reality I look for in a fantasy novel. I found myself easily distracted and once or twice rolling my eyes at the ease of Tess to adapt to situations that should have at least given her a moment of thought, if not actually thrown her for a loop. About halfway through the book I was struggling to remember why I was there at all, Frost seems to get a little sidetracked at times and chases after a storyline that has no bearing on what’s actually happening. On the other side of the coin, some things I really would have liked to see expanded on, never grew at all. They just sat there on the page, sitting.

Overall Forest Moon Rising left me with an overwhelming feeling of really… nothing memorable at all.

Rating: 2 out of 5 Stars | Publisher: DAW Trade | Pages: 384 | Source:  Publisher | Buy on Amazon

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