THE DAILY expanding to Android; Free Trial Continues on iPad

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While News Corp.’s THE DAILY has been exclusive to the iPad since its launch earlier this month, that is about to change. All Things Digital reports that the digital newspaper is going to expand to Android tablets in the second quarter of this year.

This move was expected eventually, but at the launch event for The Daily, Rupert Murdoch intimated the Android expansion would take much longer when he said (per Engadget), “We’ve been quite honest with Apple, and we’ll be on all major tablets. But we think last year, this year, and next year will belong to the iPad.”

Meanwhile, the free trial of The Daily on the iPad will continue longer than expected, according to PaidContent. Originally set to last only two weeks, News Corp. extended the trial to make up for the bugs and glitches that prevented subscribers from getting a good taste of the tablet newspaper. Because issues continued to plague The Daily, that free trial has now been extended again, reprtedly for at least several more weeks, though no end date has been stated. Verizon will continue sponsoring the trial.

Once the free trial finally ends, The Daily will cost $.99 per week or $39.99 per year, though new downloads will have 14 days free before a subscription is required.

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