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We have reached the end of month 2 of our Harry Potter Challenge! Did you all enjoy reading/re-reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets? This is only the second time that I have read the book, and there was so much I didn’t remember, I loved rediscovering the characters.

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Now on to the fun stuff, this month I once again asked some of the Daemon’s Books writers to answer another Harry Potter question:

Which class at Hogwwarts would you have liked to have taken?

Here are their answers (and mine):

Jose – People who know me would say that I would be all over Defense Against the Dark Arts classes, but I would actually want to take Potions. One of my favorite quotes of the whole Harry Potter series is Snape tells Harry he’s not a good potion-make because he lacks subtlety, and I’m all over the kind of details and work that a potion-maker would excel at.

For example, I always loved the lab parts of the different chemistry classes in high school and college especially when you would have to do multiple steps or solutions to get the desired results. I also enjoy baking, where attention to the details is the difference between a sweet dessert or a disaster.


Kelly – Not gonna lie, I’ve thought about this question probably more than is actually healthy. Pretending I was at Hogwarts the class that I would LOVE to be in would probably have to be charms. I love the idea of being able to bewitch objects to fly around the room, set things on fire, or to make intimate objects dance.

Who wouldn’t want to do that?!


Kristen – I’d actually sign up for divination class. It doesn’t get much respect in the wizarding world (or the muggle one for that matter), but I think the practice of predicting the future is fascinating.

I think I’d be more interested in Firenze’s centaur method of divination that involves watching the stars and planets to predict tides of change than reading tealeaves in Professor Trelawney’s class, but, either way, it would be cool to be able to foresee the future.


Sandie – If I was at Hogwarts, I think I would love to study Defense Against the Dark Arts. It sounds like such a fun and interesting subject. I would have such a blast learning all the counter spells and ways to defend yourself.

Unfortunately, it seems that this is the class that has the hardest time finding and keeping its teacher. But if I had a choice of teacher for that class, without a doubt it would have to be Professor Remus Lupin.


So now you know our answers, but we’d love to hear yours. For those of you who has signed up to participate through the comment section, please answer this question in the comments: “Which class at Hogwwarts would you have liked to have taken?”.

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