New Shel Silverstein Collection to be Released this Fall

Everything On It

Celebrated poet, illustrator, and songwriter Shel Silverstein passed away in 1999, but his work, including the children’s poetry collections Where the Sidewalk Ends and A Light in the Attic, continues to bring joy both to his dedicated fans and a new generation of readers. GalleyCat reports that there will be even more of Silverstein’s work for us to enjoy this fall when HarperCollins releases the posthumous poetry collection EVERY THING ON IT.

From the book’s description:

“With more than one hundred and thirty never-before-seen poems and drawings completed by the cherished American artist and selected by his family from his archives, this collection will follow in the tradition and format of his acclaimed poetry classics.”

Every Thing On It is only the second Silverstein book to be published since his death and HarperCollins is expecting it to be a big seller. They are printing one million copies for the September 20 release.

I’m a huge Shel Silverstein fan: from The Giving Tree (which I still can’t read without weeping) to ‘A Boy Named Sue,’ I love his work and am excited for the new collection. What do you think?

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