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Funny or Die has already branched out from viral online videos into television with HBO’s ‘Funny or Die Presents’ and film with the upcoming ‘Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie’. Now New York Magazine reports that it is continuing its quest for media domination by launching the book imprint, Funny or Die Books.

The plan is for Funny or Die to have authors send in original humorous work to be polished. Then the company will pitch the books to publishers. Because Funny or Die receives 33 million video views per month and has almost 1.8 million Twitter followers, their pitches are likely to get a much more thorough appraisal than if the original author just sent in his or her manuscript.

Mike Farah, Funny or Die’s president of production explains the decision to move into publishing.

“Well, we like books, and we like reading, and we’re fortunate enough to be able to expand from the engine that is currently driving us. We felt like this would be a fun and logical space to get into. But we’re going to take it slowly, learning as we go.”

The first book in the pipeline is from Mike Sacks and the Pleasure Syndicate (Sex: Our Bodies, Our Junk) and will satirize the world of celebrity. It will be published as an e-book in July. Funny or Die founders Will Ferrell and Adam McKay will be involved in the new venture, though there roles are as yet unspecified.

Would you be interested in books from Funny or Die?

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