THE DAWN COUNTRY By Kathleen O’Neal and W. Michael Gear [REVIEW/BLOG TOUR]


My reviews tend to focus on the negative of whatever I’m reviewing and how the subject irritated/annoyed me for whatever various reason. Apparently, I’m a negative person or something. Whatever.

That being said – I have not ONE bad thing to say about THE DAWN COUNTRY. In fact, quite the opposite actually. I loved this book. Love isn’t even a strong enough word. I ADORED The Dawn Country and know that it will be one of those books that I will re-read over and over again. It’s just THAT good.

The series People of the Longhouse wasn’t something I was overly familiar with when I was offered the chance to review the second book in this series. I’d heard of the novels, but never gave them much of a second thought, honestly (and stupidly) believing that I would never be able to get into a book about the history of a Native American tribe.

WOW was I wrong, and I feel that I owe W. Micahel and Kathleen O’Neal Gear a MASSIVE apology. Not only did I finish People of the Longhouse in approximatly 5 hours (I read fast), but I could not WAIT to start The Dawn Country and finished in a day.

Picking up EXACTLY where People of the Longhouse left off, the reader is once again thrown into the world of the Native American Iroquoians. There are familiar faces in The Dawn Country, War Chief Koracoo, her ex-husband Gondo, and othe warriors are still hot on the trail of Gannajero.

However, we’re also introduced to new characters from different tribes and different ways of life, which just adds to the story. Eventually, as a reader, I was able to (based on the excellent explainations by the authors) really and fully understand the different ways of life that each tribe brought to thie tracking party.

There are supernatural elements, love, honor, fear, pride, and everything in between in the pages of this book. What makes The Dawn Country spectacular is that it’s entertaining, riviting, and has some of the best and well developed characters of any book that I have ever read.

I love watching the way the children (especially Odion) learn to accept and grow from the horrors they experienced while they were with Gannajero. Koracoo’s character alone goes through a gamut of emotions, but the entire time she stays true to the person that she was in the initial novel – something that isn’t an easy feat to accomplish while writing a series.

I don’t have enough good things to say about The Dawn Country. W. Michael and Kathleen O’Neal Gear are amazing writers. They made me care about the story to the point that I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough, and really hated the fact that I didn’t have a photographic memory. I didn’t want to put The Dawn Country down.

They somehow managed to make me feel like I was part of a world that I know nothing (and believe me when I say NOTHING) about, and had never even HEARD of, save for a few lessons in history class when I was 10.

I love this series, and will continue to be a devoted fan until the story is finished. Do yourself a favor and buy The Dawn Country (and the People of the Longhouse!) if you haven’t already. You won’t be sorry.

Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars | Publisher: Forge Books | Pages: 304 | Source: Publisher | Buy on Amazon

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