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Bibliotastic Wants to Be YouTube of Ebook Market


There’s not much I like better than reading the work of a new author, hoping s/he is the next Margaret Atwood or J. K. Rowling, but ebooks aren’t necessarily cheap, and I’m not always willing to take the chance. Fortunately, the new site Bibliotastic [2] launched last month addressing just that issue.

Aiming to become the e-book version of YouTube, Bibliotastic publishes works of aspiring authors as ebooks and allows readers to download the ebooks for free and then review the work and comment on it. Bibliotastic ranks authors’ ebooks based on reader opinion and that of Bibliotastic’s in-house reviewing team, providing useful data for site visitors and equally valuable data for writers, who can use their Bibliotastic scores to support submissions to agents and publishers.

Bibliotastic co-founder James Crawshaw said in a statement, “The appetite for content is undiminished and whilst headlines focus on the demise of the conventional bookshop the trade in ebooks is growing rapidly. Breaking out of the publishers’ slush piles has always been difficult, except for the lucky few, and we think that testing a writer’s work on the open market is a very effective way of getting a real sense of what the public want and what the commercial prospects really are. We hope that the site will create a better bridge between writers and publishers.”

Supported formats include PDF, Epub, and Mobi., and there is no DRM on the ebooks.