ERAGON Book 4 Releases in November

The fourth and final book in Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance Cycle, the series that started with Eragon, will hit bookstores on November 8th. The book is titled Inheritance, and it concludes the epic fantasy series. In a statement Christopher Paolini says, “The burning questions asked by fans around the world will finally be answered in this last installment. All will be revealed!”

Alfred A. Knopf Books for Young Readers, an imprint of Random House Children’s Books, announced that Inheritance will have a first printing of 2.5 million copies. The book will be published on November 8, 2011 in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.

Christopher Paolini is planning a 10-city author tour to promote Inheritance. It will begin on November 8th in New York City.

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  • Amy

    Wow! Finally!!

  • Sandie

    Oh yay! I guess now I have a reason to finish Brisingr. :)

  • mikky

    ftw it finally come out yippee nw i wont have to read brisingr for the 23 tim XD

  • Chrischinaleong

    Good timing Chris!!’

  • Sbsoccerstar93

    That is forever away! :(

  • Drewcifer

    Really? Thats over 3 years since Brisnigr! Thats rediculous! If hes gonna release it I say it should be on the anniversary, not 2 months later. :(

    • Sarabalog

      who cares so long as it finally comes out.

  • Sarabalog

    oh man im sooooo excited! i had to pre-order it when i found out it was finished! i cant wait to read it! i think i may dig up my copies of the first 3 books and re-read the whole series to “prep” for the anticipation of the fourth showing up on my doorstep in November.

    • Davztheman

      I just found my copy of Eragon at my mom’s house today, and will probably read them all to ‘prep’ the same way.

  • reicko

    yehay!!!..i can finally collect all 4 books,, and reread them over and over w/o worrying about another book!! . ;D

  • Kenleigh

    WOOHOO!!1 I can’t wait! I have been waiting forrreevver!!

  • Ammar Tanvir

    hey when will the publications reach india han?????????????
    please do tell me any body yaar,,,,,,

  • Piotr


  • Lbuutler

    finally i have read the others about 15 times lol cant wait for this one

  • Mihaela

    When is the book coming to greece????I really cant wait!!!!I want to read it NOW!!!Ive already read the books like 6 times each!!!!!

  • M.N.ahmed mahammed

    Yes! im so xcitd! I am going to buy this book on the day it com out!

  • weiner

    guys it’s just a book calm your shit

  • Tuuwootytooty

    nov 8? thats my bday lol o.o

  • Gyest

    im just a lil kid but i love these books readin brisngr now    t(-.-t)

    • Chiren1436

      Dont tell ppl how old you are. 

  • Bittu

    lovely…..can anybody advise where to preorder…

  • Nikola1998

    i dont live in any of these counties do anyone know when it will be released in serbia ?