New Free eBook Site Intended for Smaller Devices


While free eBook websites seem to be popping up regularly, they don’t always provide a good experience for those trying to read on smaller mobile devices that weren’t intended to be ereaders. launched last week and is specifically designed with those devices in mind. From the site:

“I have discovered there is little or no support of what I call “alternative” book readers. These are devices that were not “intended” to read books, but could be adapted to do so. This site serves up books in “small” pages that can be viewed on devices with little to no memory, limited cpu, and/or limited bandwidth. Most of the sites out there that I have seen are very “media” rich services, and MOST of them require that you download the entire text in order to view it. Which eliminates a lot of devices. This site intends to be different, by offering a no “frills” basic experience that can be offered across almost any web capable device. (Yes this includes the more capable devices too)”

As of March 21, the site offers 602 free e-books, all of them from the public domain, and the site owner posts that more–possibly even newer books if the legal issues can be dealt with–will be added. is cloud-based and the device you’re trying to read on must have an internet connection and be able to read XHTML. You can’t download books: the site is purely for reading purposes. Support for Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is optional, but will give a better reading experience.

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