Kate Winslet Releases THE GOLDEN HAT To Support Autism Awareness


Oscar winner Kate Winslet will release THE GOLDEN HAT through publisher Simon & Schuster in November of 2011. According to EW, the inspiration of The Golden Hat was taken from a poem by Keli Ericsdottir. Winslet met Ericsdottir, a sufferer of non-berbal autism, while she narrated A Mother’s Courage: Talking Back to Autism.

His poem tells the story of a hat that allow an autistic boy to communicate with others.

The Golden Hat will feature self portraits of celebrities all wearing the hat, and will tell the story of Winslet’s friendship with Ericsdottir’s family. It will also include writing from Keli himself.

The celebrities that will be included in The Golden Hat are: Ben Stiller, Elijah Wood, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Ricky Gervais, Christina Aguilera, Ellen Page, Demi Moore, Meryl Street, and more.

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