Stephenie Meyer Reveals Her Upcoming Projects

Stephenie Meyer recently chatted with fans about her upcoming projects, including Midnight Sun and the possibility of a Jacob/Renesmee spinoff book—and, no, this isn’t an April Fool’s joke! Back in January, we told you about a worldwide contest for ten lucky Stephenie Meyer fans to get a chance to meet the author. Well, the top-secret meeting went down last week on the set of Breaking Dawn in Vancouver. USA Today has all the details, but here’s what Stephenie had to say about what she’s working on now:

Midnight Sun
Fans are dying to read Midnight Sun, which is a retelling of Twilight from Edward’s point of view. But after the manuscript was leaked online, Meyer shelved the project. However, she says that she hopes to finish it eventually:

“I’m hoping to do it someday because I know that’s what people want. No matter what book I put out from here to eternity they’ll want Midnight Sun, but I’m just not writing about vampires right now.”

The Host Sequel
Regarding the sequel to her adult novel The Host, she says:

“I have the outline written and the first two chapters. I need to get on it.”

More Twilight books?
She probably won’t write another book about Edward and Bella:

“The story’s already been told, and I doubt I’ll ever write another series based on the same characters.”

However, when asked about the possibility of Jacob and Renesmee spawning their own little werewolves or vampires, she won’t answer because she hasn’t completely ruled out a spinoff book:

“That is a question I’m reserving the right not to answer, because there is a chance I’ll go back to their story.”

New Projects
Meyer also talked about two brand new projects she has in the works:

“It’s a fantasy that takes place in another world where people are using bows and arrows and swords. There’s a little bit of magic, but it’s a very limited form of magic. The characters are human, and some have the ability to use magic and some don’t. It’s pretty dark. People die. The main character is a 17-year-old girl, and she’s kind of cool.”

“When I was growing up, I was obsessed with mermaids. I do have a very elaborate outline for a book. I’m not working on it right now, but I have the feeling it’s going to be big. It’s going to be 1,000 pages.”

Wow, there’s some interesting information here. Personally, I’m most looking forward to Midnight Sun and the sequel to The Host, rather than a new book. How about you? Which book would like to read most?

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  • Amie

    Im looking forward to the fantasy one :-)

  • Sandie

    I’m pretty much excited for any new book she comes up with.

  • Gina

    Having read the draft of Midnight Sun – I would love for her to finish this

    • Katarina_matias

      In my opinio all the books should be rewrite from edward prespective – especially the new moon to know what happened in those endless months of separation and breaking down with marriage and pregnancy bella, with subsequent transformation into a vampire …

      • Sandych

        I so agree there is so much more to be told from Edward’s prospective. I would love to have all of the books told through his eyes.

        • Naenna

          I absolutely agree with you!
          The first few chapters of Midnight Sun have shown that Edwards sight is very different from what I thought it would be…
          After reading I had the feeling, to “know” Edward in some special way now.
          But I also know, that it would be very hard to wait for all the books. The time between the release-dates would be horrifying!

  • Lisa Blundell Ⓥ

    Definitely Midnight Sun!! The draft was excellent.

  • Springposh

    Stephanie, you are so right, no matter what you put out there i will always be looking for midnight sun, i have read you draft about10 times, its very calming and its completes the series, its only fair that Edwards gets to tell his side, Bella and Jacob had theirs. and steph i want to here everything upto the end(breaking dawn)

    and all the persons who are trying to spoil it for us, The true fan, please stop posting the pictures on the web, disgusting,

    nuff respect sista
    Springposh ,
    Jamaica WI

  • Hails

    Im with you Kristen, I’d rather read the host sequel and midnight sun. Although I’d probably buy any new book she comes out with.

  • Christel

    Midnight Sun finally! It is like she said everybody wants Midnight Sun.

  • Karoline

    I’m dying to read Midnight Sun and I would love if Stephenie Meyer continued the jacob and Rennesme story!

  • Jose141192

    the truth we are willing to wait for midnight sun, we will be great for the fans of Twilight

  • Naenna

    Midnight Sun would be phantastic – the first chapters, Stephenie gave out on her homepage were amazing!!!
    But after reading “The host”, I’m pretty sure to love ALL the books, this really amazing author will write in future!
    She is the one, who let me fall into a deep hole, after reading her books. Not a depressive hole, but I allways don’t know what to read after THAT. I’m allways so deep in her stories, nearly dazzled. In a positive way – the books don’t let me out. I’m thinking for weeks about the characters. Crazy! I love it!

  • Ana m

    I think your a great author i just now became a big twilight fan I can’t get over the books and the movies I’m thirsty for more I want to know more of all the characters I fell in love with Edward I want to see how and read what happens with his daughter and Jacob I feel like I live in fantasy land it’s that amazing there still many thing left out to tell it seems like it’s too great to end I use to hate reading but when I saw the movies I decided it was time to read the books and now that’s all I read but anyways midnight sun is fantastic!!! You are great and don’t let the series be over a lot of us are counting you to keep it going.