AFTERLIFE (Evernight #4) By Claudia Gray [Review]

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I pretty much read the whole Evernight series back to back, which might have not been the best idea, since by the end I think I was getting a bit tired of it, especially since I wasn’t in love with the series in the first place. And so it took some time for me to get through Afterlife, but I’m glad I finished because there were some good moments and it did give closure to the series, a good one.

If you have read the first three books of the Evernight series, then you know book 3 , Hourglass ended with Bianca and Balthazar waiting for Lucas to wake up as a vampire.

Afterlife starts right where Hourglass ended. Lucas wakes up as a vampire and a thirst for blood he cannot quench. Faced with impossible circumstances, Bianca and Lucas decide to go back where they never thought they would: Evernight Academy. With Lucas a vampire now, they know Mrs. Bethany will have to grant him sanctuary, however with Bianca being a wraith now, things get a bit complicated when they realize Evernight Academy might not be the safest place for her. And let’s not forget Charity, who still has her grip on Lucas.

If you’ve been a fan of the Evernight series, then you’re definitely going to enjoy Afterlife. Not only do you get to reunite with the characters that you have come to know and love, the series ends in quite the unexpected yet very satisfying way.

I personally have had issues with the series here and there, Bianca can be a bit irritating to me and I couldn’t really relate to her. In addition, I wasn’t as involved in the love story between her and Lucas, but by book four I had accepted that fact and wasn’t as bothered with it, because I knew what I was reading. And so with that in mind, I did find Afterlife entertaining and it is probably my favorite book of the series.

Throughout the book, a lot of different events occur which manages to grab and keep your attention throughout making this an enjoyable read. There isn’t much more to say without spoiling what happens so I’ll end with saying this:

You know this series, you have come to love this series, and Afterlife is the perfect ending to the series you have been waiting for. So make sure you get yourself a copy.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars | Publisher: HarperTeen | Pages: 368 | Source: Publisher | Buy on Amazon

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