JK Rowling ‘Actively Considering’ Harry Potter eBooks

The Scotsman is reporting that author JK Rowling is close to allowing her beloved Harry Potter series to be released as ebooks. Over the weekend, Rowling’s agent, Neil Blair of the Christopher Little Agency, said: “We are continuing with our evaluation of all options relating to Harry Potter ebooks.”

That statement was echoed by Rowling’s spokeswoman, who said: “The ebook format is now something that is being actively considered.”

However, before we get too excited, we should remember that Neil Blair made similar comments in May of last year. It’s unclear if Rowling is getting closer to a decision or just verifying that she hasn’t ruled out ebooks yet.

From what I understand, Rowling’s concerned that the digitization of the Harry Potter books will lead to piracy. The pros might outweigh the cons, though, as industry insiders estimate that Rowling could sell the Harry Potter ebook rights for as much as 100 million pounds.

Besides Rowling, I can’t think of another author that doesn’t allow their book sold digitally. I’m sure there are some, but I’m struggling to think of any. Do you know of any authors beside Rowling who refuse to sell ebook versions of their works? And would you buy the Harry Potter ebooks if they became available?

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