J.J. Abrams’ Latest Project is a Novel

I’m a JJ Abrams fangirl, so this news made me giddy: the co-creator of Lost, Alias, and Fringe is collaborating on a new novel. The details are sketchy, but we do know the book will be co-written with Doug Dorst and published by the Mulholland Books imprint of Little, Brown in fall 2012. According to the New York Times, Abrams said Dorst, the author of Alive in Necropolis, “is a genius” and that he “could not be more excited to collaborate with him on this completely original project.”

As the New York Times notes, Abrams is notorious for keeping his projects under wraps (like Super 8), so we will just have to patiently wait for more details to trickle out. Is anyone else geeking out over this news? What do you think we can expect from a JJ Abrams novel?

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