Alex Rider Author Anthony Horowitz Writing Sherlock Holmes Novel

81 years after the death of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, there will be a new Sherlock Holmes mystery. Mulholland Books has announced it will publish THE HOUSE OF SILK: A SHERLOCK HOLMES NOVEL in hardbound November 1.

Anthony Horowitz, best known as the author of the Alex Rider series, is writing the novel with the full support of the Conan Doyle estate. Horowitz has been a fan of Sherlock Homes since childhood and The House of Silk is written as a tribute to Conan Doyle.

The story told in the book is set in 1890, while the book itself is narrated in first person by Watson who is living in a retirement home one year after the death of Holmes. The plot moves from a Boston train robbery to Wimbledon and, per the Guardian, involves what Holmes calls in the prologue, a tale so monstrous “it is no exaggeration to say it could tear apart the very fabric of society.”

What do you think about a new Sherlock Holmes mystery? Can Horowitz pull it off?

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  • Crcanny

    He needs to do a little better research as Holmes is 36 in 1890 as per canon. Watson must be the youngest retirement home occupant in history as he’s only 38.

    • Michelle StJames

      That’s my fault, I think. I took it from the press release, but I think what was meant is that the story being told is set in 1890 while Watson is telling it much later, when he is in the retirement home. Sorry about that. I’ll edit for clarity,