Mulholland Books to Publish Two Warren Ellis Novels

Warren Ellis, whose graphic novel Red became a hit film last year, is writing two novels for Mulholland Books, the Little, Brown imprint announced. The first, GUN MACHINE, will be released in the fall of 2012.

Ellis describes Gun Machine on the Mulholland Books site.

In GUN MACHINE, I’m writing about a disruptive event: a small sealed Manhattan apartment filled with hundreds of guns, each one used in a single unsolved homicide. But what I’m talking about is money, the acquisition of power, the deals we make in the name of security, the unique soul-killing exhaustion that comes of caring too much for too long, and the faces madness take in our lives. Also quite a lot of people get shot.

Ellis, who has written many graphic novels including the Transmetroplitan and Planetary series, is also working on a six issue arc of Secret Avengers and is personally adapting his Gravel graphic novels into a screenplay for Legendary pictures.

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