Twilight Writer Melissa Rosenberg to Adapt Pamela Sargent’s EARTHSEED


Young adult fiction continues to be the rage as film studios look for the next big franchise. According to Deadline, Paramount Pictures is digging deep for its latest attempt by optioning the film rights to Pamela Sargent’s 1983 YA science fiction novel EARTHSEED. Melissa Rosenberg, who wrote the screenplays for all four Twilight films, will write and produce the adaptation through her Tall Girls Productions.

Earthseed takes place in the future, centering on a group of teenagers born from a genetic bank on a spaceship that is trying to bring human DNA back to Earth. Rosenberg had this to say about the book:

“It really talks about the debate of nature vs. nurture, what is innately human and what can be bred in or out of someone. There’s a Lord of the Flies element to it. It involves a young woman who starts off as someone who is content with playing by the rules and being a ‘good girl,’ and then has to realize that the rules are malleable and that she has to step forward as a leader. It’s really about coming into one’s own power and embracing one’s own strength and individuality.”

Earthseed became the first book in a trilogy after Sargent wrote 2007’s Farseed and 2010’s Seed Seeker, so if Earthseed does well, it could become an important franchise for Paramount.

Any Earthseed trilogy fans? Can you see the books as films?

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