There's No Place Like Home

In the final book of the SECRETS OF MY HOLLYWOOD LIFE series, Jen Calonita takes the protagonist of the series, Kaitlin Burke, and does something drastic – She makes her a “normal girl”.

Kaitlin is seventeen and has been on Hollywood’s “It” list forever; she’s been on the same soap opera for 12 years, and everyone adores her. She’s been through her ups and downs with her mother, her friends, and of course (for good measure) a nemesis in the form of another Hollywood “It” girl – Sky.

In this final book of the series, Kaitlin is shown what it’s like to be a normal girl, and how does Calonita do this? Well, similar to how Dorothy to blown to Oz, Kaitlin gets a bump on her head and wakes up as a normal, every day high school student.

Of course throughout her “new life” Kaitlin realizes that her old Hollywood life wasn’t as horrible as she had initially thought. She grows as a person and does some soul searching along the way as well.

There’s No Place Like Home was a great close to the Secrets of My Hollywood Life series. Fans that have followed the series from the beginning will be relieved that Kaitlin finally stands up for herself and tells those that are near and dear to her exactly what SHE wants, and putting her needs first for a change.

It was a fun read, a very fast read, but a lot was packed into the pages. The Secrets of My Hollywood Life series is really a coming of age collection, and it was refreshing to see Kaitlin’s transformation throughout the books.

While I liked There’s No Place Like Home, I had a hard time getting on board with the concussion thing. I would’ve liked to have seen Kaitlin discover who she was without being forced into an “alternate reality”, but I do understand why Calonita wrote the story this way.

It’s a book meant for young adults, and the language and story line will be easy for teenagers to relate to. While not everyone is a Hollywood “it” girl, Calonita’s writing will make you feel like you are.

Over all, a good book and a great ending to the series. I would recommend this as a summer read – and pick up the rest of the series if you haven’t already!

Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars | Publisher: Poppy | Pages: 361 | Source: Publisher | Buy on Amazon

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