THE HUNGER GAMES Chooses Two Tributes: Thresh and Rue

Now that we know Jennifer Lawrence is Katniss and Josh Hutcherson is Peeta in THE HUNGER GAMES movie, it’s time to focus on the remaining 22 Tributes. Lionsgate has set up a very cool “Who are the Tributes” tab on its Facebook page that does just that. As the Tributes are cast, they will be filled in on the grid (pictured below).

So far, besides Katniss and Peeta, we have Thresh and Rue from District 11 filled in. They will be played by newcomers Dayo Okeniyi and Amandla Stenberg, respectively. Okeniyi’s first film, Slew Hampshire, hasn’t even been released yet, and neither has Stenberg’s (Colombiana), though does have some voice work on her resume.

After the controversy over the casting of Lawrence, Hutcherson, and Liam Hensworth (as Gale), choosing unknowns seems like a very smart choice. Better, Okeniyi and Stenberg very much look as Thresh and Rue are described in The Hunger Games book.

What do you think? Better to cast unknowns at this point or did you have actors in mind for Thresh and Rue? Which Tributes are you most interested in seeing cast?

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