Exclusive Interview With DREADFULLY EVER AFTER Author Steve Hockensmith

steve hockensmith dreadfully ever after

After reading DREADFULLY EVER AFTER (you can read my review here), I had the opportunity to ask author Steve Hockensmith a few questions. The book was amazing, but nothing rivals Steve’s answers to the following questions!

You’ll be able to see right away why DREADFULLY EVER AFTER was so entertaining with a writer like Hockensmith holding the pen!

Where did the idea come from to continue the Pride and Prejudice and Zombies story with Dreadfully Ever After?

Steve Hockensmith: The idea came from cash registers across the world, which said loud and clear, “More, please!” By which I mean that Dawn of the Dreadfuls, my Pride and Prejudice and Zombies prequel, did pretty darned well last year, so Quirk Books wanted a sequel. Good thing, too, because I’d built a mini-cliffhanger into the first book. I absolutely hate it when TV shows and comic books and the like leave stuff dangling. You know — the hero’s hanging off a cliff, the villain’s kicking pebbles in his face, and then the damn series gets canceled! I’m a big fan of closure. So it was good to go back and wrap everything up. No one was left hanging off any cliffs, literally or metaphorically.

Which was more fun to write, Dawn of the Dreadfuls or Dreadfully Ever After?

Steve Hockensmith: Both were fun but tough. It might sound like a contradiction, but I’d say Dreadfully Ever After was both the most fun and the most difficult. I reached a point about half-way through the first draft where I wanted to throw myself off a bridge. It just seemed like something was missing, and it was driving me crazy because I couldn’t figure out what it was. And then it came to me one day: What the book lacked was a point, a reason for being beyond tying up loose ends. And at the same moment that revelation came to me, the point came to me as well. So suddenly I had exactly what I’d been looking for even though, up till then, I hadn’t even realized it was missing. And after that writing the book was a lot easier. (As for what the point is, I’ll leave that for readers to decide.)

With the success of the series, do you think there will be a fourth installment? Or have the zombies run their course?

Steve Hockensmith: I’ve kicked around ideas with Jason Rekulak, the editor at Quirk Books who dreamed up the PPZ concept in the first place. But to be honest, I’m kind of hoping we’re done. It goes back to that closure thing. I really like the tidy little package we’ve got with these three books. They work well as a unit, I think. The story is told. It can be finished. You never know, though. I certainly don’t think zombies are going away anytime soon. So maybe we’ll change our minds in a couple years and say, “There are more tales to tell.” It’s not unheard of. Just look at George Lucas and Steven Spielberg with Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Whatever It Was. They came back to a classic trilogy and breathed new life into it, and the resulting film was…well…you know what? That’s not a good example.

Since Pride and Prejudice is such a well known, and well loved novel, were you nervous about injecting zombies into that world; even in just a prequel/sequel setting?

Steve Hockensmith: Nope! I accepted from day one that a certain segment of the fanbase was going to hate me no matter what I did, so I didn’t let it weigh on me. I just threw myself into that world, staked out a new corner or two for myself, and had a ball.

You can also find Steve Hockensmith on his official website: www.stevehockensmith.com

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