THE HUNGER GAMES News: Four Movies instead of Trilogy, Donald Sutherland as President and More Casting News


Things are heating up in the process to bring THE HUNGER GAMES to a screen near you. Instead of bombarding you with all the news as it comes out, we decided to gather the info and offer an overview of the latest developments in The Hunger Games universe. So here goes.

Four movies instead of three: Lionsgate really thinks it has a homerun in this franchise as it has decided to take the three The Hunger Games book and make them into a four movie set, similar to how Twilight broke out its last story into two parts. When asked, some readers were skeptical that the last book really warrants a two-part movie but go tell that to a movie studios.

Donald Sutherland elected president: Donald Sutherland has been cast in the role of President Snow, the autocratic ruler of Panem and its contained districts for some 25 years at the outset of the story. His character is supposed to evil and manipulative. Right up his alley, we say!

Miscellaneous Casting news: A few up and coming actors have been cast in various roles: Amber Chaney cast as Avox Girl; Kimiko Gelman and Nelson Ascencio cast as Katniss Everdeen’s prep team members Venia and Flavius….do what you will with this information.

Here you go, the latest news on The Hunger Games. What do you think of these latest developments?

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