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WHAT WE KEEP IS NOT ALWAYS WHAT WILL STAY By Amanda Cockrell was a great book. It was a fast read, but unlike most young adult novels that make me roll my eyes with bad narrative, i found myself excited to be seeing into Angie’s life.

What We Keep is Not Always What Will Stay centers around 15 year old (15 and a half, actually) Angie. Her religious life is mixed – Angie’s mother is Jewish, her stepfather is Catholic, and she somehow ends up interested in the holiday of The Day Of the Dead. Angie is a great character because she has depth. She’s learning about the things around her, and deciding what pieces of her world she will make her own as she becomes an adult.

Angie’s life is turned upside down when her mother announces that she is going to divorce her third husband, Ben. Angie elects to continue to live at Ben’s house, she since can’t see any apparent reason why her mother would leave – and throughout the book, one of Angie’s missions is to reunite her mother and Ben. It’s a great sub-story, and not done in a way that is reminiscent of the Parent Trap. This girl REALLY likes her current life and is struggling to maintain some sort of normalcy.

She’s also dealing with the problems that every 15 year old deals with – School and boys. Although, Angie’s problems are a little different. Her would be boyfriend, Jesse, is just back from the war in Afghanistan, and is expected to carry on through high school like nothing happened. Throw in the fact that the saint she talked to every day at her church is now a real person… well, you’ve got one crazy story.

What We Keep is Not Always What Will Stay is a great young adult book. The themes are heavy, and at some points very, VERY dark, but what part of growing up isn’t? Amanda Cockrell did a great job at capturing the teenage spirit and what it’s like to find out that you can’t always save everyone that you want to save.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars | Publisher: Flux | Pages: 264 | Source: Publisher | Buy on Amazon

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