PARKS AND REC’s Leslie Knope is Releasing a Book

On Parks and Recreation, Leslie Knope’s love of her hometown, Pawnee, Indiana (the Akron of southwest Indiana), is evident. For those of us who want to know more about the fictional town, Knope is “writing” a guidebook, Pawnee: The Greatest Town in America. The 240-page book, which includes illustrations, photographs, and other characters’ commentaries, will hit bookstores on October 4, 2011.

Here’s more from the press release:

Each chapter will explore a different aspect of the fictional town’s history and expand upon events hinted at in the series, such as: the time the whole town was on fire, its long list of ridiculous town slogans, and the ongoing raccoon infestation. Knope, a resident of Pawnee since her childhood, provides all of the research and comical insights into this Midwestern town that fans have grown to love.

“If you like small towns with big ideas, this book is for you!” said Amy Poehler. “And here’s hoping that Indianapolis will play Pawnee when they turn this book into a movie!”

In anticipation of Pawnee: The Greatest Town in America, let’s checkout some of the official town slogans:
Pawnee, the Paris of America.
Pawnee, the Akron of southwest Indiana.
Pawnee, the factory fire capital of America.
Pawnee, birthplace of Julia Roberts.
Pawnee, home of the world famous Julia Roberts lawsuit.
Pawnee, first in friendship, fourth in obesity.

I hope the book will explain a little more about the events behind these slogans. I’m also hoping to find out what exactly goes into a “meat tornado.” What would you like to see in the Parks and Rec book?

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