DRAGON’S ARK By Thomas Burchfield [Review]

Dragon's Ark

I had high hopes for DRAGON’S ARK By Thomas Burchfield. The subject matter is something that really interests me – I’ll read anything that has a vampire as the primary character – but I have to say that I was sadly disappointed.

Taking place in modern day, Dragon’s Ark is the story of Monitor County, a tourist retreat where land owners want to expand. The usual politics cards are played. Politicians are bribed, the current land owners in Monitor county are cheated out of their land, and then there’s the mysterious Klaus Bartok. Bartok has been a part of Monitor County for years, and does not like the changes that are taking place in his land.

He decides to do something about it.

I found aspects of Dragon’s Ark to have been ripped out of every other vampire story out there. While I realize that the vampire myth can’t be differed overly much, there were portions of the story that I could predict before they even happened. There was far too much narrative, not enough action, and I had to struggle to keep turning the pages.

I feel that Dragon’s Ark had potential, but the overall story was not followed through. I didn’t care about the characters, in fact, none of them are even worth mentioning. The supernatural aspects of the book were okay, but not great… and the vampire story has all be done before. I was disappointed. The opening prologue was just a lot of description, and didn’t make me excited for the first chapter, instead it made me wonder if the entire story was going to be written with internal dialogue. It was.

Dragon’s Ark could have been good, if just a little more character development was added to the narrative. Overall, I wasn’t impressed.

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars | Publisher: Ambler House Publishing | Pages: 406 | Source: Publisher | Buy on Amazon

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