SPOILER WARNING: This review contains mild spoilers for books 1 and 2 of the Madison Avery trilogy.

Kim Harrison wraps up her YA trilogy featuring Madison Avery with Something Deadly This Way Comes (after Once Dead, Twice Shy and Early to Death, Early to Rise). Her story actually began in the anthology Prom Nights from Hell when Madison died the night of her prom after being scythed by a dark reaper. Things didn’t go according to plan, however, and the reaper took her body and she stole his amulet. Now she’s caught between life and death with the amulet giving her the illusion of a body. In Something Deadly This Way Comes, Madison has the opportunity to get her body back and feel like a normal human again.

The question is—does Madison want to be a normal teenager again? She’s worked hard as dark timekeeper to challenge the old way of doing things and convince the seraphs and the light and dark reapers that her way works. So will she choose a life of responsibility or decide to reclaim her body and do regular things like hang out with her boyfriend?

I think fans of the previous two Madison Avery books will be pleased with this conclusion to the trilogy. Something Deadly This Way Comes wraps up Madison’s story and gives the reader a feeling of closure yet leaves room for more books in the future. Not that everything is wrapped up in a bow—certainly the battle between light and dark reapers, fate versus choice isn’t over—but you get a sense that things are on the right track.

While Madison and her friends grew on me with each book, I still greatly prefer Harrison’s adult books. I love, love, love The Hollows series and its cast of characters, and, unfortunately, I didn’t think the Madison books came close to that level of awesomeness. Even though the series isn’t for adults like me—it’s written for a young adult audience—I worry that teens will find the dialogue as childish as I did. Despite that, Madison is a relatable, spunky heroine and the books pose interesting questions about fate versus choice, so I’d recommend the series for kids who aren’t quite ready for adult urban fantasy. I’d also recommend starting with the first book Once Dead, Twice Shy.

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Rating: 3 out of 5 stars | Publisher: HarperCollins | Pages: 256 | Source: Publisher | Buy on Amazon

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