180 Copies of George R.R. Martin’s A DANCE WITH DRAGONS Leaked

George R.R. Martin fans—if you want to avoid A Dance With Dragons spoilers, be careful where you click for the next two weeks. Voyager, Martin’s UK publisher, is warning fans that 180 copies were accidentally sent to customers ahead of the July 12 release date.

The publisher has issued a plea to those 180 readers, asking that they don’t spoil the book for all those fans that have been waiting six years for A Dance With Dragons. They also recommend that fans avoid George R.R. Martin related sites if they want to remain spoiler-free. Martin’s official site is safe, however, as the comments there are screened.

Here is Voyager’s full plea to George R.R. Martin fans:

Dear UK George R.R. Martin fans,

We know that there are a lot of you out there.

We know that most of you, like us, have been waiting nigh on six years to crack open the cover of A DANCE WITH DRAGONS and dive back into Westeros to relish the adventures of our old friends Jon, Daenerys, Arya and Tyrion et al.

The wait is almost over – just 14 days and counting. But due to reasons out of our control, the embargo in Europe has been broken and a few US copies have been delivered to customers in error. Only 180 copies have escaped the embargo, but already there are spoilers leaking out.

And so, Voyager is asking you – if you can bear it – to avoid your favourite GRRM-related sites (except for George’s official site, and the Voyager site of course, where we will be screening comments as always) to ensure that the latest instalment of this epic story is not spoiled for you. You’ve got a remarkable journey ahead of you, and some stunning surprises, and nothing should come between you and that experience. The embargo is now being thoroughly enforced by all accounts and customers around the world to ensure that no more copies are sold early.

And we would also issue a plea to those 180 fans who have managed to get hold of a copy, to please consider all the other fans around the world who have to wait for the official 12 July pub date and save your spoilers!


Jane, Emma and Amy
Voyager Editorial Team

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