HEADS YOU LOSE By Lisa Lutz and David Hayward [Review]

Heads You Lose

I was really looking forward to reading HEADS YOU LOSE. Based on what I had heard of the book, it seemed like I was in for a ride that I wouldn’t forget. Everything that I had read about Heads You Lose prior to opening it for myself was absolutely correct.

Heads You Lose was probably one of, if not THE, funniest book I’ve read in a long, LONG time. Lisa Lutz co-authors the book with her former boyfriend David Hayward. They alternate chapters, but the best part of this idea is that they keep running footnotes and arguments between the two of them in the novel for readers to partake in.

The story of Heads You Lose is simple – two twenty something pot heads find themselves in a big dilemma. A headless body has somehow found its way into their front yard, and instead of calling the police to help sort out the problem, Lacey and Paul decide to dispose of it themselves. You can’t excatly call the police when you sell drugs out of your basement.

They would have been successful in the disposal too, if the body hadn’t shown up again the next day. Lacey identifies the body as her ex-fiance, and suddenly decides to help the police find out what exactly happened.

While the plot seems humorous enough, the real funny stuff comes from the author’s notes. Each chapter opens with an email between the two authors as they try to make the book “theirs” and push the other into writing in the direction that they feel the plot should go. There are twists, turns and red herrings all over the place since the plot isn’t complete when the story begins.

From Lisa killing off David’s favorite characters, characters coming back to life, to strippers with a genius IQ, Heads You Lose is a hilarious (and ingenious) ride that you don’t want to miss!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars | Publisher: Putnam Adult | Pages: 320 | Source: Publisher | Buy on Amazon

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