THE PRIEST By Gerard O’Donovan [Review]

The Priest

I’m all about crime novels, especially those that incorporate a crazy religious person into the plot (no offense intended, I just find characters that use religion as a motive for wrong doing incredibly fascinating). The title of Gerard O’Donovan’s debut novel, THE PRIEST, is what drew me to review the book initially.

Then I started reading and was beyond grateful that I judged the book by its title. The Priest is set in Dublin Ireland, where investigator Mike Mulcahy is assigned to a case of what looks to be sexual assault on the daughter of an ambassador.

While this field isn’t normally Mulcahy’s area of expertise (he’s a narcotics investigator), he takes the case and we are led on a journey through some pretty twisted and shocking details of the sexual assault.

Deemed “The Priest” by the media (including Mulcahy’s girlfriend Siobhan Fallon) because of the marks left on his victims, soon a suspect is in custody, but Mulcahy isn’t so sure that the department has found the right guy.

Add to this a difficult relationship with his sergeant and the politicians demanding an arrest (and quickly), Mulchay is left with some tough choices for someone that didn’t want to be involved in case to begin with.

For a debut novel, O’Donovan does an amazing job. From the beginning, The Priest will hold your interest thanks to O’Donovan’s description of the Irish landscape, and his well thought out characters.

Being the center of the story, Mulcahy’s life is opened to the reader in an interesting way; we’re not given a lot of back story, but dropped directly into the middle of Mulcahy’s life. Personally, I wouldn’t hate to see Mulchay become a reoccurring character in a series of novels.

If you like mysteries and are looking for a way to pass your summer, The Priest comes highly recommended from me!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars | Publisher: Scribner | Pages: 336 | Source: Publisher | Buy on Amazon

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