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I’ll be the first to admit it. I’m not normally one to sit down with a romance novel, especially one where the main characters are cowboys and live on a ranch. However, I had previously reviewed one of Linda Lael Miller’s Creed books, and decided to give THE CREED LEGACY a try.

Here’s where my relationship with romance novels rears its ugly head.

The Creed Legacy was…okay. I understand that in a romance novel there is a certain formula the author must follow. However, in reading The Creed Legacy, I felt like I could have been reading any of of the books in the series, and just interchange the names.

Brody Creed has returned to Lonesome Bend after being on the road with the rodeo circuit for eight years. He reconnects with his twin brother Conner, and also runs into an old flame – Carolyn Simmons.

Brody and Carolyn were at one point involved, but when Brody decided to leave Lonesome Bend, he left Carolyn behind. Enter the typical “I don’t know if I can love again” and “How do I trust him because he broke my heart” heroine of The Creed Legacy.

Carolyn is riddled with self doubt and commitment issues based on her past, and Brody… well, Brody is a self centered cowboy that expects things just to fall in his lap.

While the story was luke warm at best SIMPLY because I could predict what was going to happen (show me one romance novel where things didn’t work out happily ever after in the end), the writing style saved it.

Linda Lael Miller created characters in Carolyn and Brody that were believable and the dialogue between the two was a fun read. However even I, who haven’t read a lot of Miller’s work could find repetition of phrasing crossing over from other stories.

Overall, if you’re a romance novel fan, I would recommend The Creed Legacy. The characters are fun to get lost in, and it almost (Almost) made me want to move to Colorado.

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars | Publisher: HQN Books | Pages: 384| Source: Publisher | Buy on Amazon

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