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The Mysterious Benedict Society is back for another round of keeping the world safe from the evils of Mr. Curtain and his brainwashing machine, The Whisperer. In the third and final book of the series, THE MYSTERIOUS BENEDICT SOCIETY AND THE PRISONER’S DILEMMA, Reynie, Sticky, Kate, and Constance are now being taken hostage by Mr. Curtain and his Ten Men—aptly named for the ten ways they have of hurting people—and are waiting to be saved by Mr. Benedict and their parents. Mr. Curtain has a new plan of using his Whisperer to take over the world and must have the use of Constance in which to do it with.

This book, though highly anticipated, was a drag compared to the other two. Though I enjoyed it, it was much more disappointing. The action took too long to begin and everything was wrapped up much too quickly. There were no long action scenes like before and most of the book concentrated on Constance and her growing powers of telepathy. The other three were all but forgotten and the more Constance took center stage, the less the other three developed.

With the Benedict Series, Stewart had created four quirky and equally unique characters that were intriguing and endearing at the same time. But with this book, the characters lose their interest because they lose their childhood.

In the first book, Constance is a two-turning-three-year-old who comes up with smarmy, yet witty rhymes and has an unmatched stubbornness that helps them save the world. But as she ages, her rhyming loses creativity and she starts to feel emotions of love and compassion for her friends and adopted father, Mr. Benedict. Basically, she grows up. And it’s the coming of age of her and the other three that depletes the book’s original endearing qualities.

However, I still recommend the book, if only to figure out how Mr. Curtain finally comes to his downfall and what will finally become of the Mysterious Benedict Society.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars | Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers | Pages: 400 | Source: Purchased | Buy on Amazon

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