Amazon Dropping the Hammer on Duplicate eBooks

Amazon Kindle users are soon going to find the library of books available to them diminishing, but fear not it is for a very good reason. Amazon has decided to drop the hammer on authors abusing their “private label rights” or PLR system.

Amazon’s PLR system is being misused in the eyes of the company. What is happening is akin to a student stealing another’s book report and turning it in with their name on it instead. Authors develop unique content initial, but then sell the rights to others. Ideally those purchasing the rights alter the content and give it a new title before publishing it on Amazon.

However, the company has found that this PLR system is being abused. For example, a search of the term “how to read a book” results in 694 options. Amazon’s reasoning for the crackdown, the abuse of PLRs has diminished the experience for the customer.

What do you think of that? Good for the market? Or a bit of censorship?

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