Who Wants To Go To Hogwarts?

harry potter studio

The Harry Potter books have stopped coming, and the final feature film debuted across the world this summer, but Pottermania will not be subsiding anytime soon. Fans who haven’t gotten enough of all things Potter will be able to get a behind the scenes peak at the phenomenon at a new studio beginning next year.

A new Harry Potter Studio Tour will be opening in a massive Warner Bros complex outside of London, England next year. The tour will give fans a peek inside the fictional characters’ world with a chance to set foot on the same sets where the movies were filmed.

Included in the tour, which lasts three hours, are chances to see Dumbledore’s office, the Hogwarts’ Great Hall, and the Gryffindor common room.

This latest addition to the Potter franchise will give Potter fans another piece of the dynasty to hold on to well after the franchise is gone, and probably even inspire a new generation of Pottermania.

Are you planning on visiting Hogwarts?

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