THE HELP Lawsuit Not Over Yet

Author Kathryn Stockett may have to go back on the defensive as the housekeeper of a relative is seeking to have a lawsuit against the author reinstated in a Hinds County, Mississippi court.

Ablene Cooper, who has worked as a housekeeper for the author’s brother, previously had her lawsuit dismissed because it was ruled the statute of limitations had expired. Cooper insists that Stockett used her likeness for creative inspiration in writing “The Help.” In the book, which takes a look at the relationship between white families and their African American housekeepers in 1960s Mississippi, the main character is a woman named Aibileen Clark.

Cooper insists that she was Stockett’s muse for the Clark character and is seeking damages in the amount of $75,000. Stockett did provide Cooper with a copy of the novel in 2009 and a handwritten note expressing her pleasure at meeting Cooper a few times, but reassuring the woman that she was not the inspiration for the character.

Stockett, who recently surpassed the one million copies sold mark on Kindle, has experienced a great deal of success with “The Help.” It was recently adapted for the big screen and debuted with $26 million in ticket sales this past weekend.

What do you think of this lawsuit? Warranted? Too little too late? Share your thoughts in the comment below?

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  • Baperry47

    Thanks to Kathryn Stockett and the Cast of The Help.  I am happy to see relationships between white femle employer and their black female employees finally make it to the big screen. My mother was a maid all of her life and from her experiences I developed a very negative attitude regarding  working as a housekeeper. The movie helped me to face some real truths and to settle some hurt and anger  I was still carring in my heart.  I appreciate the courage it must have taken all the people responsible for making this much needed movie a reality.

  • Anonymous

    and still the white employer exploits the black worker and is a complete greedy kkuntt about it-she can’t cough up $75,000 on a best seller and a box office hit for this woman-it is obvious she got inspiration from her life story-and Abilene isn’t even being greedy about it-she should be cut in on Royalities-Kathyrn looks like a back stabbing greedy POS-come on-if she making this kind of bank from some one else’s life story why wouldn’t she just cut them in-stupid Kathryn obviously had no real life experience that would give her the depth of character to write this book-what dos this kkunttt know about being a maid-she stole a harding working womans life experience-made a ton of cash-and can’t give up $75,000?? I won’t see the movie or read the book now or touch another thing with Stockett’s name on it-she has just been declared literary poison-and why would she give Abilene a book with a letter that says I know this sounds like your life but it isn’t?? was that her little back stabbing safety valve to say she already dealt with the problem? If the freakin book is about “dead Demitri” then why didn’t she call her character Demetri-why would she use her sisters maids name-I hope Abilene gets more like $750,000 to a million plus royalty percentage and I hope the arrogant and self important miss Stockett get’s a to clean toilets

  • Tglstar

    pay up kate