LIFE ETERNAL By Aaron J. Booth [Review]

Life Eternal

 Before this review gets started, I have a confession. I am not a fan of vampire novels. Well, let me rephrase that—I am not a fan of the current crop of doe-eyed, angsty poetry reading vampires who stalk teenagers and end up in relationships that, in all honesty, are right on the edge of epic pedophilia (really, think about their relative ages people!) Now, that said, I do like the occasional non-teen, non-sparkling vampire novel. I loved Anne Rice, I enjoyed The Radleys (which I reviewed earlier this year) and let me say I adored LIFE ETERNAL by Aaron J. Booth.

There is no lengthy build up, no long wait to get to the meat of this story. On the contrary, you are plunged right into the depths of a grave from the first moment. Literally. In the grave. It’s an eerie and magnificent start and from there the book crawls out above ground and takes off running. Following the story of our newly born (and just risen from the grave) Conrad and the priest Castus, who hunts creatures of the night, the book hurtles forward at breakneck speed. Castus enlist the aid of a man, Giento, who claims special abilities, but it might not have been the best choice. The thing is, Giento can see things are going terribly wrong.

Life Eternal is woven together with a surprisingly expert hand for a debut novel. The various pieces fall in place and keep the reader wondering what it all means. There are characters that appear, deeply in depth characters that—like Dickens—disappear not to be seen again. I am still wondering if these are red herrings or they be back, because this is billed at book one, so there (hopefully) will be more. Booth has given me hope. Maybe the vampire novel is back, with all the gore and evil and everything that makes a horror novel something special. Yes, there is gore, very gorey gore. Gore that would make an American film company clap their hands with glee.

I am hooked, and looking forward to more from Booth. Life Eternal was a great read—although not one for a relaxing bedtime read. It’s not only worth picking up, but worth a second read, because I know that you will blast through it the first time just to suck in the fabulous story. The second time you get to savor the bloody, meaty bits. Enjoy!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars | Publisher: Three Ravens| Pages: 218 | Source: Publisher | Buy on Amazon

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