If you’re a fan of the creatures of the night, then THE VAMPIRE FILM FROM NOSFERATU TO TRUE BLOOD By Alain Silver and James Ursini is just the book for you. In this latest edition of The Vampire Film both Silver and Ursini take the reader on a trip through the past all the way through to 2010 of the most influential vampire movies of all time. Honestly, there wasn’t much (actually there was nothing I can think of) that was missed in this 488 page book.

That’s right, folks. 488 pages of vampires complete with colored photos, essays, explanations, and anything (and everything) else that you can possibly think of about our favorite films of the undead. For a fan of the vampire, this book is a must. That said, I’m about to fangirl all over this review. I. Love. Vampires.

Let me clarify. I love vampires that don’t sparkle in the sunlight (really, Stephanie Meyer? Really?). This sickly obsession started with me when I was 12, when I saw Interview with the Vampire. I was going through my Brad Pitt/Tom Cruise phase, and well, that movie sort of sent me over the edge. It also opened up a strange new (and interesting) world for me. From that moment forward, I grabbed everything I could come in contact with that had to do with vampires. I read up on the history, the mythology, and saw any movie that even hinted at vampires.

That said, I was the perfect candidate to review The Vampire Film. It was a relatively easy read, and the pictures helped move things along nicely. While The Vampire Film has a certain text book quality to it, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Chances are if you’re picking up this type of book, you’re doing it to learn something from the subject matter, and Silver and Ursini will guide you right through the vampire film history.

My favorite touches in The Vampire Film were the vampire adjacent movies that the authors added. We all know the Dracula stories, we all know that Twilight and True Blood will be featured, but when the authors show that they actually put thought into this piece by adding in Countess Elizabeth Bathory and even touching on energy vampires.

Even I had things that I learned from The Vampire Film, and I thought that I’d pretty much had a great understanding of the vampire in pop culture. My only complaint about The Vampire Film was the editing… or maybe I should say the LACK of editing. There were grammar mistakes, words that were just omitted completely, and name discrepancies between essays and picture captions. This was the only negative thing that I took away from The Vampire Film, and while it was annoying, wasn’t enough to make me stop reading.

If there’s a vampire fan on your holiday list this year, I would HIGHLY recommend picking up a copy of The Vampire Film From Nosferatu to True Blood.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars | Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation; Upd Exp edition | Pages: 488 | Source: Publisher | Buy on Amazon

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