DON’T SING AT THE TABLE By Adriana Trigiani [Review]

Book  Don't Sing At the Table by Adriana Trigiani

This was my first time reading anything by Adriana Trigiani and truthfully it was the title that drew me to the story. DON’T SING AT THE TABLE is something that I’ve actually heard my entire life from family members (apparently if I did, I would end up with crazy husband) and I was intrigued to see what Trigiani did with this age old saying.

I absolutely loved this book. Trigiani does a beautiful job of describing her two Italian grandmothers so well there was never a moment during the novel that I felt I didn’t know these women personally. Each chapter is a moment in these extraordinary women’s lives from their childhood, to marriage, raising a family, career, and finally the wisdom that they passed down to the younger generations.

Lucia and Viola were strong independent women that managed not only to hold down several jobs (and in Viola’s case actually run her own business), but the warmth and love that emanated from these two women is what really drives Don’t Sing at the Table.

Trigiani isn’t shy about sharing everything that she learned from her grandmothers: integrity and self-respect, but also the importance of going after what you want, of having a purpose in life, and being aware of the mark you’re leaving on the world.

Lucy’s lessons (which include not only lessons in character, but also about first love) had a sense of practicality, which is something that society could look to today. While Don’t Sing at the Table has a serious tone to it, it’s filled with Trigiani’s wit and obvious love for the subject that she’s writing about.

Coming from an Italian family myself, I could relate to this book really well. Trigiani describes family dinners and gatherings that made me smile simply because I could picture myself in the same situations. There wasn’t a page that I turned when I didn’t find myself smiling in fond memory of my own grandmothers, and wishing this book was something that I could share with them.

Here are a few of my favorite “lessons” from the novel:

  • “Remember who you come from; you owe them because they gave you the ticket to this adventure. Honor the debt.”
  • “Words evaporate in thin air like smoke but actions galvanize the spirit and reinforce good intentions.”
  • Don’t Sing at the Table is a heartwarming story, and one that every woman should read.

    Rating: 5 out of 5 stars | Publisher: Harper; First Edition edition | Pages: 224 | Source: Publisher | Buy on Amazon

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