How Many Books Are You Going To Read in 2012?

Since setting a goal for myself last year was such a success (I exceeded my comic book goal and almost reached my book goal) and so much fun to keep track, I decided to set a new goal for myself this year.

Once again I will be using Goodreads and their 2012 Reading Challenge to keep track of everything. And of course I will be having a book and comic book goal like last year. However this year I will be lowering my goals a bit to remove a bit of the stress and make them more achievable.

And so here are my reading goals for this year:

40 Books

60 Comic Books

I’m pretty excited for a new year of reading and discovering new books. And so now that you know my reading goal for this year, I’d love to know what your goal will be for 2012? You can share in the comment section below.

Happy 2012 Reading!

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  • Nicole

    I signed up for Goodreads after reading this and have set a goal of 28 books to read this year, which sounds small, but I think I will get there in no time. ┬áIt shouldn’t be very hard to find something to read, I work in a library so I see so many come through that look interesting.

    • Sandrine

      Hi Nicole,

      So glad this inspired you to sign up for Goodreads and set a reading challenge for yourself. And 28 is not small, it’s quite a few books to read in a year, at least I think so. And working in a library will definitely be handy :)

      Any new books you’d recommend?

  • Angie Boo

    My goal is 100 but I’m already off to a bad start. Only read 3 books in January

    • Sandrine Sahakians

      Wow that’s a lot of books! I’m rooting for you, come on Angie Boo, let’s get reading.

      Even though my goal is 40, I haven’t even read one book this year, so that’s not good either. Have to get on it!!