Battle of Covers: Which is Better US or UK?

the marriage plot us vs uk cover

I love book covers and they tend to play a big part in what book I decide to pick up and read. And so that’s why I had to share this fun article from The Millions which compares US and UK book covers designs.

Scrolling through all the covers displayed, I have a tendency to like the US covers more, they would get me to pick up that specific book more. Here are a few of my favorites. I like the US cover (on the left) better for the first couple books and the UK version for the third. What do you think?

us vs uk covers

And since we’re on the subject of book covers and their impact, I wanted to also bring up the Nightshade by Andrea Cremer cover which originally got me interested in reading the book (which I really enjoyed) but for some reason, that beautiful cover (and the second book cover) was replaced by a new one, which would have probably made me overlook that book. (The original cover is on the left.)

nightshare wolfsbane book covers

And even though we say “don’t judge a book by its cover,” most of us do exactly that, because how else are you going to pick a book to read out of all the thousand choices you have? Sure you can read the synopsis, but what is the first thing that attracts you in a book which will lead you to read the synopsis in the first place? That’s right, its cover.

So to all the publishers out there, make sure you provide us with beautiful covers we’ll not only be proud to parade around with us, but that will catch our eye.

Finally I have to ask: How big of a role does a cover play in your decision to pick up a book? Who do you think wins in the US vs UK showdown?

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